how do you sleep with yourself?

April 20, 2011

Opening April 20, 6 pm – 10 pm. Exhibition runs to May 2, 2011. Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12 – 5 pm.

AHVA Library Gallery (rm 112, koerner library, 1958 main mall),
Dorothy Somerset Studios (6361 university blvd),
BC Binning Studios (6373 university blvd)

Official remarks from the Head at 6:30pm in Dorothy Somerset Studio room 107.

Exhibitors: Brendan Albano, Rob Anderson, Avery Beford, Lindsay Butler, Leonardo Chan, Jocelyn Chan, Stephanie Chang, Nicholas Cheng, Alvis Chu, Amy Eun Joo Chung, Shelly Fearnley, Kate Finch, Graeme Fischer, Yoriko Gillard, Crystal Ho, Annie Hong, Muraco Hranchuk, Monica ChiHea Hwang, Joy Inae Kim, Hope La Farge, Alison Lau, Jonathan Lee, Tina Lee, Joo Eun Lee, Lisa Leu, Tony Lu, Brenda Mattman, Carrie McKay, Eric Mckinnon, Keith Morrison, Mia Mushinski, Kavin Ni, Jessica Pang, Athena Papadopoulos, Alisha Pelton, Laura Reitinbach, Noriko Rice, Ashleen Rider, Olga Rybalko, Claire Sproule, Nicole Steinbrecher, Samson Tam, Leah Tan, Karen Tennant, Anna Tidlund, Joyce Tsang, Julie Wong and Angela Wu.

How Do You Sleep With Yourself is an exhibition featuring the University of British Columbia’s 2011 graduating BFA/BA Visual Art students’ current work. The exhibition showcases these students’ commitment to art practice and diverse critical thinking which are essential to today’s contemporary art. Individual artistic practice involves strategies to combat all kinds of orthodoxies, classifications or chauvinisms of the mind. Through variations of everyday imagery or language, artists create their own space within larger social and cultural discourses. The union of theory and practice engenders art which surpasses the boundaries of its origins. Within a global cultural context, the vocabulary of contemporary art does not arise from one culture or homogenous source; it springs from a myriad of sources that produce meaning in art.

Exhibition Images

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