Effects Become Causes

March 23, 2011,

Paintings from the Undergraduate Visual Arts Programs. Opening Wednesday March 23, 2011, 5 to 7 pm. To April 9, 2011.


The question is no longer what or how but why. Why Paint?

The study and teaching of painting holds a central place in art instruction in art departments and schools. It is often the first practice we think of when we think of visual art and it has a vast array of techniques and philosophies. The history of Art sometimes reads as the history of painting and the history of ideas seem reflected in the canvases of each era.

But in our era, the success of the avant-garde strategies of questioning the conventions of art practice plus technological and material development have expanded the field of creative endeavour and art practice. It has opened up the possibilities of the creative process, and has expanded to include an almost infinite variety and means of practicing art. Art no longer can be or will be dominated by a medium in the way painting has been dominant in the discourse of art. We can do anything. So why paint?

It is an important question and a daunting one but a question being asked and answered by the students in this exhibition. Success, failure, ambiguity, possibility, certainly some certainty and some uncertainty, perhaps some answers, perhaps some directions, nevertheless painting.

Phillip McCrum

The 3rd year painting classes seek to place the student at the centre of a practical studio experience, while examining the context of contemporary art practice in relation to personal concerns, diverse cultures and globalization.

Students are expected to use a wide range of materials and media. Technical considerations and the formal devices of composition are combined with ideas to give the paintings personal expression and meaning.

Their projects focus on the development of personal style, ideas, and technical and conceptual skills through the exploration of the abstract to the allegorical. Students are encouraged to explore the meaning of their own work effectively and intelligently.

Gu Xiong
Exhibition Images

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