Never-Dying Worm

January 11, 2012

Opening reception: Wednesday, January 11, 5-7pm
AHVA Library Gallery, UBC

January 11 – February 4, 2012

An exhibition with works by:
Abbas Akhavan, Raymond Boisjoly, Barry Doupé, Derek Dunlop, Kelly Lycan, Natasha McHardy, Heather Passmore, Ryan Peter and Fan-Ling Suen
Curated by Marina Roy

A form of material intelligence, or unconscious materialism, can be seen operating beneath everyday relations between people, materials and things. The artists in this exhibition investigate materials and approaches to art-making that illuminate a variety of ‘symptoms’ related to oppression and repression (personal, social, and historical): obsessive collecting, recycled or discarded materials, outdated and deskilled processes, objects invested with memory and attachment, base materialism, and matter loaded with class, sexual, gendered, racial and ethnic connotations.

AHVA Library Gallery,
University of British Columbia
Koerner Library, Room 112
1958 Main Mall
Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory

Exhibition Images:
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